Tartuffe at The Actor’s Gang

Sat 12 March 2005
By John Mark Schofield in Culture
Tagged as: Theater

I went to see Tartuffe last night at The Actor's Gang with Becca H., Rick P. and Megan. Becca's trip back to LA was the impetus for the show -- I'm not the biggest Moliere fan in the world, and I didn't really have my hopes up about the show.

I should have known better. I've stage-managed for Jon Kellam before at the theater company we helped found, and Killer Kellam always puts on a strong, high-energy show. Tartuffe was no different. There wasn't a bad actor on stage, and not a false note uttered. Bosco Flannigan's lighting design was excellent, the costumes and live music were great, and I loved the set.

There were a couple of scenes that lagged, and the play is about three hours -- but there were many scenes so funny I howled. If I'd been drinking milk it would have been spraying out my nose. All in all, well worth a visit -- even with a ticket price of \$25.

Incidentally, I think there's only about ten people in LA theater, and I know seven of them. Ran into several people I knew from Zoo District, plus a clown (not an insult; it's his craft) I worked with on a Blue Girl show at the El Rey theater about 6 years ago.