What’s up with the gay agenda?

Mon 14 March 2005
By John Mark Schofield in Culture

And by "gay agenda" I'm talking about the Republicans. What's their obsession with gay sex? It seems obvious to someone as dumb as a chimp that it's just about picking on a convenient target.

I've been trying to figure out how any of this makes marriage or family or apple pie any weaker, and haven't been able to.

Let's say you live in a mid-sized Midwestern town. Say a gay couple moves in down the block. How does that diminish you? Many on the Right say they're not against homosexuals -- just people who perform homosexual acts. But even if you're an "all gays go to Hell" type, what's the big deal? It's not like they're having sex on their front porch. If they do, that's indecent exposure and a dozen other violations as well that have nothing to do with gayness -- that's not the problem. If Bob and Mark are having sex (you don't know) they're doing it in their bedroom, with the blinds drawn. What's your problem? If your kids ask, just say they're roommates.

Is your marriage going to dissolve because of this? Will your children start howling at the moon? Your wife leave you for a female tennis pro? You become a hairdresser? Didn't think so.