The Best Nickname Yet

I was called a lot of things in Elementary School -- none of which I liked. I first got a nickname I liked at Parkman Jr. High School, when my friends started calling me "Schof." (Incidentally, the "Sch" in "Schofield" is pronounced like the "sch" in "school." Same with "Schof" -- phonetically "skoaf.")

I always liked "Schof," and that's what my close friends call me -- although when I was stage managing I got some nicknames that went from odd to surreal:

  • Schofinator
  • Schofie
  • Schofie Anan
  • Boutrous Boutros Schofie

There were more.

But in my 39th year I got a nickname that I like best of all: "Daddy John." I had never been married and had no kids, and I started dating a wonderful woman (M., who I'm now married to) with an eight-year-old daughter (H.) and a four-year-old nephew (E.). Since my girlfriend lived with her sister, I spent a lot of time with H. and E., and they came up with "Daddy John" for me. When I walked into the apartment it was "Daddy John!" and both would run over to hug me.

Now I live with M. and H., and E. spends a good part of the week with us -- and I'm still very much "Daddy John" to them. There's nothing better than getting home after a rough day at work and getting jumped on with delight by two kids shouting my name.

I'm Daddy John now. And that's just fine with me.