Fixing Double-Click in Sublime Text

I love the fact that in iTerm 2, double-clicking a GUID or an IP address selects it.

However, it's been really irritating that in Sublime Text 3, that doesn't happen. Double-clicking the "192" in "" selects only the "192."

I found the setting to change that in Sublime Text 3, and it's awesome.

The setting is called "word_separators." To get the current value, I hit CTRL-` to load the Sublime Text 3 console, and then entered:


Then I pasted that into Preferences.sublime-settings, and edited it to remove dashes and periods as word separators:

"word_separators": "/\\()\"':,;<>~!@#$%^&*|+=[]{}`~?"

Now Sublime Text is behaving the way I think it should.