I Am Muslim

As the child of a Danish mother, I grew up on stories of Danish resistance to the Nazis during WW2. My mother was a small child during the occupation, and she spoke to me of her vivid memories of having a German soldier quartered in her home during the war.

Some of my favorite stories were of King Christian X, who rode his horse every day through the capital as a symbol of Danish independence. Christian X swore that if any Danish citizen were forced to wear the Star of David, then the Danish king himself would wear one in solidarity. Danish Jews were never forced to wear the Star of David, and in fact, 7,220 of Denmark's 7,800 Jews were smuggled to Sweden where they could live out the war in safety. Because of a general attitude on the part of Danes that every Danish citizen was worth protecting, very few Danish Jews ended up in concentration camps.

It's natural for me to think of all this when I hear of the great increase in hate crimes against Muslims in the days since Trump was elected, and of the registry of all Muslims in America being proposed by many close to our new President. As a geek I understand all too well the power of big databases, and that there is no need to create a registry of Muslims -- one already exists, and it's called "Facebook."

And then I saw this, from the inestimable Pinboard:

Yep. I'm now Muslim, at least on Facebook. This is more than an empty symbol -- it's a small but genuine attempt to make Facebook useless as a way of targeting Muslims, and it becomes more effective the more other kind-hearted people do it. I know my mother would like this.