I create elegant solutions to difficult problems. I love creating efficient, well-crafted automation using Python, BASH, and other tools. I learn new things quickly, and am always trying to improve my skills.

I believe even the best solution is cheapened if nobody else can use it, and that documentation and education are key to professionalism.

I believe that technology can be of net benefit to the world, and that ethical behavior is just as important in technology as it is everywhere else.

I am a craftsman. I aspire to be a great one.

I'm also a writer, a poet, an amateur photographer, (putting "amateur" in front of "poet" is kind of redundant) an avid hiker, world traveler, student of Spanish and French, martial-arts and firearms enthusiast, and occasionally, a decent cook. You can get in touch with me here.

All opinions on this site are mine (unless otherwise noted) and are not necessarily shared by any other person or entity.