Working at Cisco

I've been going through each blog entry on the site as I transition this site from WordPress to Pelican and it occurred to me I don't have an entry announcing my position with Cisco.

I interviewed with Metacloud a while back, and ended up taking a position with Rackspace instead.

I spent eight years at Dakim working out of their Santa Monica office, and after a short stint at Citrusbyte and a short time at Rackspace, I realized that the common denominator was working remotely. Both Rackspace and Citrusbyte were remote gigs, and remote just wasn't working for me. I felt isolated, and unproductive, and unsuccessful. I was definitely not living up to my potential as a geek.

I reached out to the folks at Metacloud (which in the meantime had been bought by Cisco) and they were happy to take me on board. My first day there was November 10, 2014.

I've really been happy at Cisco's Pasadena office. The people on my team are great (as were the people on my teams at Rackspace and Citrusbyte) but I'm actually in the office interacting with them. It's wonderful! If I have a question I can walk over to someone's desk and ask them -- which is a huge plus for me. I'm excited about the work I'm doing, and I feel that I've already, in the almost two months I've been there, made a real contribution to their product. I'm looking forward to the future at Cisco.