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  1. A Good BASH Script Template

    Mon 09 February 2015
    By John Mark Schofield in Technology

    I start out all my BASH scripts with the following boilerplate:

    set -e
    set -o pipefail
    set -u

    Let's talk for a minute about why each one of those lines is a good idea.

    set -e: Exit immediately if a simple command exits with a non-zero status. If …

    Tagged as: Bash Programming
  2. OpenStack Heat Client & Connecting To Rackspace Cloud

    Fri 19 September 2014
    By John Mark Schofield in Technology

    This is primarily to help me remember, and to help anyone who finds this via Google.

    If you're trying to use the rackspace-novaclient tool to connect to RackSpace's Public Cloud, and you want to use the Heat client as well, you need to do a little tweaking.

    OS_PASSWORD needs to …

    Tagged as: Openstack

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