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  1. Getting a Handgun and Shotgun Safe

    Fri 20 April 2012
    By John Mark Schofield in Resilience

    I own two handguns, and am planning to buy one more handgun and a shotgun. Previously I had been using trigger locks on my handguns, but my girlfriend and her daughter recently moved into my house, and I decided I was no longer comfortable with trigger locks as my sole …

  2. No More Guns

    Wed 23 April 2008
    By John Mark Schofield in Resilience

    If I tell people at all that I used to carry a gun for self-defense, I say that I stopped because I realized carrying a gun makes it much more likely I would have to shoot someone. I almost never say more than that.

    I lived in several different lofts …

  3. A Rough Weekend

    Mon 28 January 2008
    By John Mark Schofield in Resilience

    I just feel the need to whine for a moment -- please indulge me. (Or skip to the next post.)

    My house flooded on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I've already cleaned up twice; there's mud on my floor right now, on Monday morning. In addition, we're late on a big project …

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  4. A River Runs Through It...

    Sat 05 January 2008
    By John Mark Schofield in Resilience

    My mountain cabin / hippie shack is built into the side of Topanga Canyon. It's TOTALLY not-up-to-code. Tonight, in the middle of the biggest rainstorm of the year, water started pouring from the WALL on the bottom floor that's built into the hill. It washed about a pound of silt onto …

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