1. The Best Nickname Yet

    Fri 03 August 2012
    By John Mark Schofield in Health

    I was called a lot of things in Elementary School -- none of which I liked. I first got a nickname I liked at Parkman Jr. High School, when my friends started calling me "Schof." (Incidentally, the "Sch" in "Schofield" is pronounced like the "sch" in "school." Same with "Schof" -- phonetically …

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  2. Not Enough

    Thu 22 May 2008
    By John Mark Schofield in Technology

    I'm having a ... crisis of confidence isn't the right word, but I'm not sure what is. Let me set the stage. I work at a spectacular place, and have a job I care deeply about.

    The success of our company depends on my performance. If I do my job poorly …

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  3. John MARK Schofield?

    Thu 28 June 2007
    By John Mark Schofield in Technology

    People who have known me for a while are slightly puzzled. Why am I semi-consistently using my middle name now, when I never did before? Sudden attack of pretentiousness? Actually, no. When you Google for "John Schofield," I'm WAY down on the list -- not even on the first page. (Some …

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  4. Where I’ve Been

    Sun 09 October 2005
    By John Mark Schofield in Technology

    If you want to know why I've been MIA from this blog, Dakim has something to do with it.

    I've been with Dakim full-time since August 15. We're making touchscreen devices to help mentally stimulate people with Alzheimer's Disease. There's much about this I can't talk about on the blog …

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