1. Institutionalized Silence

    Mon 14 March 2005
    By John Mark Schofield in Politics

    Story from the Washington Post:

    California National Guard Sgt. Greg Ford [is] a former state prison guard and Navy SEAL team medic whose complaints were dismissed by the Army in October 2004 as lacking sufficient evidence...

    [Ford] complained that he had had to resuscitate abused detainees and urged the unit's …

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  2. The problem with new ideas…

    Fri 11 March 2005
    By John Mark Schofield in Resilience

    ...is that everyone has the same ones.

    Reading Defense Tech (as usual) I came across this quote about Israel using undercover special-ops teams who pass for Palestinian:

    Of the 2,200 arrests Israelis made in the West Bank last year, about 1,500 were conducted by special operation forces (SOF …

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